Media & Communications Training

Channel56 is Northern Ireland’s leading provider of media and communications training. For more than ten years we have been working with a core team of experienced media professionals/trainers delivering a broad range of customised media and communication workshops to a wide variety of organisations.

Our packages offer a combination of the following:

  • Media Training
  • Crisis Communications
  • Dynamic Presentation skills
  • Social Media
  • Press Release
  • YouCam Programme
  • Keep Cool In The Hot Seat Media Training

    A one day interactive media skills workshop.

    Expert radio and TV coaching from top journalists. This masterclass will give you the confidence to handle broadcast interviews confidently and positively, structure effective key messages and help you to develop a powerful communications and media strategy.

    Training is hands on and practice based. You will be working with experienced journalists and have a camera crew film your interviews, receive constructive feedback in a friendly and supportive environment.

    • Prepare for interview
    • Be aware of common pitfalls
    • Construct effective sound bites
    • Understand the journalistic approach
    • Handle hostile questions
    • ABC technique
    • Image and non verbal communication
    • Crisis Communication

    Duration: Full day
    Participants: Maximum 8 people

  • Crisis Communication

    Minimise the impact of potential crises on your organisation.

    When a crisis unfolds within your organisation or an issue suddenly escalates, there is no time for practicing your responses to the media. You do not get a second chance to respond promptly, clearly and sensitively.

    Therefore, having good procedures and agreed responses in place will help you to protect your reputation and minimise potential damage.

    This workshop can be tailored to your requirements and focus on crises, issues, or both.

    What’s covered?

    • Crisis Communication Audit
    • Pro-Active and Re-Active reporting
    • Crisis Media handling techniques
    • Building positive media relationships
    • The Press Conference
    • Closing down the story
    • Crisis Simulations - Role Plays - Procedures
    • Learning from Experience - Evaluate - Reflect - Action

    This training is appropriate for CEO’s, senior and middle management executives / commuication staff.

    Duration: Full Day
    Participants: Course maximum of 6 people.

  • Dynamic Presenataion Skills Training

    Be a voice - not an echo!

    Practice and see your presentations on camera with Channel56. We will film your presentation and playback on screen for you to review.

    This workshop is aimed at improving your public speaking and communication skills. We will give you the tools to deliver high quality speeches and effective presentations with confidence and clarity. You will practice your presentations on camera and see yourself on screen.

    • Plan and structure a presentations
    • Make a strong opening
    • Select key points
    • Handle nerves and stage fright
    • Keeping your audience engaged
    • Tone and pace
    • Image and nonverbal communication

    Duration: Full day
    Participants: Maximum 6 people

  • Social Media Training

    Create a successful media strategy and improve your online presence.

    The World is Digital – it impacts on every facet of life shaping and defining how we communicate and interact on a daily basis. There is no escaping the importance of social media and this session will help you get to grips with getting your message across in the crowded ‘cloud’. We will also provide a comfortable space for those questions you really want to ask about social media!

    The half day workshop will cover:

    • Being a ‘rejoicer’ in rather than a ‘rejecter’ of digital media
    • Knowing your Audience
    • Benefits and risks of social media to your organisation
    • Building a digital strategy
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Practice your Message

    Duration: Half day
    Participants: Maximum 15 people

  • Press Release

    Practical advice on how to promote your organisation through the print media.

    This media training course is aimed at giving participants practical advice on how to promote themselves and their organisation through the print media. The workshop is designed to give participants a real insight into the way the media works, exactly what journalists are looking for in a press release and practical experience of writing a press release.

    A workshop with plenty of ‘hands-on’ experience and exercises covering

    • Press Release Writing Techniques
    • Understanding what makes a good story
    • Conveying key messages
    • Creative quotes
    • Clever photo ideas
    • Common Press Release errors

    This training is appropriate for senior and middle management executives / communication staff.

    Duration: Half a day
    Participants: Course maximum of 8 people.

  • YouCam Programme

    taught media

    This two day workshop suits those new to digital video editing, digital educators and existing iPad videographers.

    Day One covers the editorial and technical aspects of mobile video storytelling and offers the chance to practise recording with multiple iDevices and microphones.

    Day Two provides experience in importing footage from multiple sources including other i-devices, organising said footage and editing an interview-based piece using the iMovie for iPad app.

    Shoot practice media will be recorded during the training on the first day. Edit media for the second day will be supplied via Dropbox just prior to the course. You will need to have installed Dropbox (free) and supply the email address the account is registered against. Existing Dropbox users will need 100Mb of their storage allowance available.

    Course Outline
    • Crafting the story--the planning and editorial.
    • iDevice Shooting tips including capturing high quality sound
    • Practice shoot
    • Combining Media from multiple i-devices using Photo Transfer Wi-Fi and Dropbox
    • Organising Media using Albums and Favourites
    • Creating iMovie projects.
    • Editing your Primary Storyline and Adding Cutaways
    • Adding Music and Foleying Sound Effects
    • Customising iMovie transitions, Titles and Fades
    • Sharing your Projects to iMovie Theatre, Social Media channels and iTunes

    Duration: Full Day x 2 days

Media Training cancellations are subject to terms and conditions.