CRISIS Communication Media Training Workshop

- July 6, 2018

CRISIS Communication    

Minimise the impact of potential crises on your organisation. 

When a crisis unfolds within your organisation or an issue suddenly escalates, there is no time for practicing your responses to the media. You do not get a second chance to respond promptly, clearly and sensitively.

Therefore, having good procedures and agreed responses in place will help you to protect your reputation and minimise potential damage.

This workshop can be tailored to your requirements and focus on crises, issues, or both.

What’s covered? 

  • Crisis Communication Audit
  • Pro-Active and Re-Active reporting
  • Crisis Media handling techniques
  • Building positive media relationships
  • The Press Conference
  • Closing down the story
  • Crisis Simulations – Role Plays – Procedures
  • Learning from Experience – Evaluate – Reflect – Action

This training is appropriate for CEO’s, senior and middle management executives / communication staff.

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